who am i?


From the neuroscience lab to the pitch meeting, I've studied every aspect of the entrepreneurial journey. 

Jessica fuses her background in neuroscience, psychology, startups, venture capital, and mindfulness to offer an insider's view of the workings of the entrepreneurial mind. With empathy and humor, she loves nothing more than empowering entrepreneurs to embrace their complexities so they can achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fulfillment.

  • Neuroscience & Psychology Research Fellow @ National Institutes of Heath (NIH)

  • Innovation @ American Psychological Association (APA)

  • Expert in Residence at Georgetown University

  • Director, NextGen Venture Partners

  • Early employee at IVY

  • Yoga, meditation & mindfulness instructor


my background

I worked as a Neuroscience & Psychology Research Fellow at the NIH, and am an Entrepreneur in Residence at the American Psychological Association. I understand the research behind entrepreneurial behavior. 

psych & neuro

I worked as an early employee at a venture firm which I scaled nationwide. I understand the dynamics between entrepreneurs and investors. 

venture capital

I worked as an early employee at a high growth startup. I understand the pressures and nuances of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


I am a yoga and meditation teacher, coach, and energy practitioner. I have studied with respected institutions and integrate research-driven mindfulness techniques into my work with entrepreneurs.


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