the wellness "crisis" of entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs are increasingly succumbing to mental health issues, stress-related illness, burnout, emotional distress, and more.

but entrepreneurs are not wired incorrectly

Most haven't yet learned how to balance their extremes of their wiring for balance, well-being & mental health.

a few guiding principles...

1. You are wired with an entrepreneurial spirit... so it's time to learn how your operating system works.

2. Entrepreneurs create the next version of reality... by investing in your well-being, you're doing a favor to yourself & humanity.

3. Your most valuable competitive advantage is a self-awareness of your superpowers and kryptonite... because your sensitivities are often your greatest strengths.

4. What is most personal is most universal... your experience is normal, valid, and perfect.

the method is a blend of psychology, neuroscience & mindfulness

By understanding the balanced and imbalanced qualities of your entrepreneurial spirit, we can work to establish balance, resilience & alignment

alining the whole entrepreneur

We look at your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being to understand your imbalances, and use customized self-awareness and mindfulness practices to bring them back into balance:

  • Self-Awareness Training

  • Meditation & Visualization

  • Movement & Yoga

  • Energy Work

  • Breath Work

  • Body Work

  • Sensitivity & Intuition Refinement


the ten creators within

the empowered creator


Theme: Self-esteem
Motivation: To find empowerment
Mantra: I am worthy

+ Positive Pole: Strong, confident, worthy, commanding

- Negative Pole: Selfish, arrogant, vain, grandiose

~ To Balance: Values

the orderly creator


Theme: Conscientiousness
Motivation: To perfect every detail
Mantra: Control your destiny

+ Positive Pole: Attentive, organized, cautious, impeccable

- Negative Pole: Hypervigilant, controlling, anxious, perfectionistic

~ To Balance: Trust

the charming creator


Theme: Impression management
Motivation: To woo and impress
Mantra: Fake it till you make it

+ Positive Pole: Buoyant, charismatic, poised, accommodating

- Negative Pole: Blocked, manipulative, suppressed, disingenuous

~ To Balance: Authenticity

the fiery creator


Theme: Passion
Motivation: To be energized
Mantra: I am committed

+ Positive Pole: Embodied, absorbed, impassioned, devoted

- Negative Pole: Consumed, obsessed, Dysregulated, Self-Sacrificing

~ To Balance: Boundaries

the visionary creator

Theme: Intuition
Motivation: To predict the future
Mantra: Skate where the puck is going

+ Positive Pole: Sensitive, aware, empathic, inspired 

+ Negative Pole: Hyperstimulated, overwhelmed, depleted, disconnected

~ To Balance: Grounding

the ambitious creator


Theme: Achievement orientation
Motivation: To work hard and win fast
Mantra: Winner takes all

+ Positive Pole: Driven, performative, motivated, aspirational

- Negative Pole: Exhausted, comparative, disappointed, unrealistic

~ To Balance: Compassion

the disruptive creator


Theme: Disagreeability
Motivation: To challenge assumptions
Mantra: Disrupt the status quo

+ Positive Pole: Aggressive, critical, blunt, innovative

- Negative Pole: Antagonistic, judgmental, unkind, defiant

~ To Balance: Gratitude

the courageous creator


Theme: Optimism
Motivation: To overcome risk
Mantra: Look on the bright side

+ Positive Pole: Resilient, decisive, enthusiastic, risk tolerant

- Negative Pole: Reckless, impulsive, avoidant, risk blind

~ To Balance: Realism

the curious creator

Theme: Openness to experience
Motivation: To explore and express
Mantra: Leave no stone unturned

+ Positive Pole: Spontaneous, intrigued, excitable, creative

- Negative Pole: Unpredictable, distracted, uninhibited, fantastical

~ To Balance: Commitment

the existential creator


Theme: Self-actualization
Motivation: To fulfill my purpose
Mantra: A meaningful life is a creative life

+ Positive Pole: Independent, contemplative, compassionate, fulfilled

- Negative Pole: Isolated, ruminative, apathetic, depressive

~ To Balance: Transcendence

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