we're helping entrepreneurs find balance, well-being & mental health with the support of some of the top entrepreneurs, investors, and academics...

Andy Dunn

Founder of Bonobos, Founder of Red Swan Ventures, SVP at Walmart

Paul Rabil

Professional lacrosse player, co-founder of the Premier Lacrosse League, investor & philanthropist

John Gartner PhD

Psychologist, Johns Hopkins professor, author

Matthew Wadiak

Founder of Blue Apron

Jon Staff

Founder & CEO at Getaway

Nathaniel Houghton

Founder at Incendium Strategies & Congo Leadership Initiative

Ben Rubin

Founder & CEO of 10% Happier

Allen Gannett

CSO of Skyword & Author of The Creative Curve

Mark Mastalir

CMO at Halo Neuroscience

Dylan Enright

Founder of Wefunder

Dan Mindus

Founder & Managing Partner at NextGen Venture Partners

Beri Meric

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of IVY

Shelly Bell

Founder of Black Girl Ventures

Conor Sibley

CTO of Higher Logic

Amelia Friedman

Founder & COO at Hatch Apps

Tobin Moore

Founder & CEO of Optoro

Michael Brandt

Founder & COO of HVMN

Anastasia Dellacio

Director, Community and Career Engagement, Creator Awards, Public Affairs at WeWork

Debra Mishalove

Founder of Flow Yoga Center

Erik Moe

Founder & Chief of Expeditions, Erik Moe Creative

Jessie Duke

Wellness + Community at Summit

Neekola Gallub

Founder & CEO of Pelonkey

Peter Lucash

Faculty in Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University, Principal at Digital CPE

Samandar Khelghati 

Founder at Small Chop DC

Kevin Morgan

Director of Tech Sector Attraction & Retention at Washington DC Economic Partnership

Chase Damiano

COO at Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters

Niko Papademetriou 

VP at Qu

Peter Mellen

Founder at Netcito & Entrepreneur in Residence at Georgetown University

Grant Leonard

Founder & President at The Grant Leonard Group

Peter Atkinson

Founder at Gamma 5th Enigma Project

Shizu Okusa

Founder & CEO at Wellthy & Co.

Aubrey McCormick

Entrepreneur & Sustainable Business Strategist

Fabio Werneck de Mendonca

Community Manager at WeWork, Entrepreneur and Attorney

Steven Kotler

New York Times-bestselling author, and Founder at Flow Genome Project

Chris Messina

Inventor of the #hashtag, Product Designer & Technologist

Chris Jeffery

Co-founder & CEO of OrderUp; CEO of Leafly

Justin McLeod

Founder & CEO of Hinge

Alex Skatell

Founder & CEO at Independent Jounrnal Review

Prabhdeep Singh

Global Head of WeWork Labs

Jaime Masters

Founder of Eventual Millionaire & Ownerbox.com

Brian Van Winkle

Executive Director of Innovation at Johns Hopkins & Executive Director of NODE.Health

Charlie Bonello

Co-founder, Grand Central Tech, Venture Partner at RTP Ventures, Co-founder & CEO, Vivvi

David Lightburn

Founder & President of Atlanta Tech Village

Kristin Gregory Meek

Founder & CEO of WYLD Leadership, Founder at The Strengths Lab

Philipp Triebel

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of IVY

Jake Cusack

Founder & Managing Partner at CrossBoundary

Lana Pozhidaeva

Founder of WE Talks

J. Eric Wilson

CEO of Noble Impact

Geoff Woo

Founder & CEO of HVMN

Emily Rasowsky

Founder of Women in Tech Campaign

Zvi Band

Founder & CEO of Contactually

Meg Brackett

Founder & CEO of The Yoga Brain

Katie Shannon

President at SK Consulting

Cami Wolff

Founder at Canis with Camille

Leah Leachman

Sr. Principal at Gartner

Cherian Thomas

Co-Founder & CEO at Octopus & Spotluck

Ben Droz

Founder at DROZgroup

Tanveer Kathawalla

CFO at Analytical Space

Naren Aryal

CEO, Mascot Publishing/Amplify

Craig Zelizer

Founder & CEO at PCDNetwork

Maira Iqbal

Product at Capital One

Merideth VanSant

Co-Founder, Owner True U and 405

Vasili Shynkarenka

CEO at Invocable (YC W18)

Doan Winkel

Chair of Entrepreneurship at John Carroll University

Richard Graves

CIO & Co-Founder, CleanChoice Energy

Scott Barry Kaufman PhD

Psychologist, Columbia professor, author

Howard Warren Buffett

Professor, political advisor, philanthropist, and New York Times-bestselling author

Jason Silva

Futurist, story teller, television personality

Anna Mason

Partner at Rise of the Rest Seed Fund at Revolution LLC

Julia Taylor Cheek

Founder & CEO of EverlyWell

Robert Price

Executive Director of Global Entrepreneurship Institute

Meredith Balenske

VP at Revolution

Eric Koester

Professor of Entrepreneurship at Georgetown University, investor, Founder of The Creator Institute

Vanessa Dawson

Founder & CEO of Vinetta Project

Brett Gibson

Founder & Managing Partner at NextGen Venture Partners

Martin Ditto

Founder at Ditto Residential

Ajay Kori

Founder of UrbanStems

Trever Faden

Founder & CEO of Atlas Lane

Lee Finkel

Founder at BraveUX, investor

Becky Lee JD

Founder of Becky's Fund & former Survivor contestant

Cameron Hardesty

Co-Founder at Salon Betty

Nate Andorsky

Founder & CEO of Creative Science

Philip Soriano

Leadership coach, Co-founder of Hugh & Crye

Morgan Giddings

Founder of Fend Network

Ryan Baird

General Partner at Flotilla Asset Management

Swamy R

Co-Founder & CTO of Sandboxx

Daniel Heider

Vice President, Global Real Estate Advisor HEIDER at TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

Elizabeth Scallon

Head of WeWork Labs, Northwest

Jeff Sheely

Co-Founder at UrbanStems

Dustin 'DC' Canter

Principal & Opportunity Zone Expert

Kelly Ingraham

Founder at Inner Light

Surbhi Rathore

Co-Founder & CEO of rammer.ai

Natalee Facey

Senior Programs Manager at Venture For America

Dhruva Rajendra

Founder & CEO at FastRope

Olga Steidl

VP of Global Business Development & Managing Director EMEA at Skyroam

Kath Roberts

Founder at Alchemy for the Soul

Mrim Boutla PhD

Social Entrepreneurship Lecturer, University of Maryland + Career Coach @ Georgetown University